10th of June

Eva Luna

This was my very last day of the tour. Somehow that is great and somehow also sad and weird. After such a long time it will be weird without all the people and all the stress…

Well… we started with another school performance, which was great because the students really enjoyed and participated. june 10 (2)Afterwards we had lunch in a China all you can eat Restaurant. And they had Sushi!!! My personal dream came true 😉 The afternoon was free and everyone just rested a bit. I finally managed to do my accounting. Time flew and it was already time for our VERY, VERY, VEEEEEEEERY last performance. It was a show just like always, almost like always… The atmosphere was different; we all knew that this is it. In the very last traditional dance Chiara and I decided to also go on stage and join the final part of the dance. The others didn’t know about it… The audience was very excited and loved the show… and also us we were very excited because this was it.

We ROCKED St. Pölten!

Kwa heri tour 2015! Twendeni nyumbani, twendeni kulala 😉

One last night in our “favourite” small Hotel in Passau and then we go home….

june 10 (1)
june 10 (3)

june 10 (1) june 10 (2) june 10 (3)

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