3rd of June

Eva Luna

The best way to start a beautiful hot sunshiny day is going jogging and enjoying the nature- the beautiful fields around Degerloch. I really missed that during the tour. After arranging things and relaxing for a while I met Amir at Marienplatz and showed him the beauty of the Karlshöhe. Which he had never seen before, but will visit all the time from now on ;-).

We went for rehearsing at 4 pm but unfortunately there was a meeting with the caretaker the social workers and even the police taking place, this could last a while… and it did! After waiting for a full hour the room was still busy and we decided that the rehearsals will take place outside because for the traditional danceJune 3 (2) we only needed the drums… David directed the rehearsals and Chiara and me we were supposed to leave to make it in time for the Premiere of: „Der Götz von Berlichingen“ in Jagsthausen. With all the hectic from before we were forced to arrange ourselves at the bus stop in Möckmühl, this must have looked very funny for outsiders. It was a beautiful open air theatre and we were blessed with a warm summer night as the theatre was under the stars of this beautiful village. We were happy to see Stephan’s workplace and meet some people there. After enjoying the Premier Buffet and some glasses of wine we had a serious talk with the boss and went to sleep as we had to head back to Stuttgart very early in the morning to be on time for our first show in the Leonard Church.

.June 3 (1)

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