5th of June


  1. Auftritt beim Kirchentag: Markt der Möglichkeiten


I was in Jagsthausen with Stephan because I had a meeting with him. In the morning I woke up and visited the  Castle of the festival, where Stephan works. I was lucky to see the rehearsals of a play that they were rehearsing (Ronja Räubertochter). After that I went to the train station together with Stephan and started my journey back to Stuttgart. Soon I was there and met with the other cast and went together to where the Show took place. When we reached the Kirchentag venue they couldn’t let us enter insidejune 5 (2) because the inviting person was somehow not there and we didn’t have any tickets that proved who we were. So we had to wait and wait in the heat until Chiara and Eva found the responsible Person to allow us in. Afterwards we got in and went to where we had to perform. Due to being late we immediately started our performance. It was a nice performance and people loved it. We danced in the hot sun, we also met Aluel’s mother (Aluel worked with us in Kenya before). Also our good friend Miri was watching the performance with her parents. Afterwards we took our props and costumes and went back home. Later in the evening we met at Marienplatz because it was the last evening together with the refugees. So we had a party outside and had sooooo much fun together drinking and dancing. I think we entertained the whole Marienplatz. We also invited Larry who joined us in the evening for our little party. We went home very late that night. And everyone was somehow really drunk.

june 5 (1)june 5 (3) june 5 (4) june 5 (5)

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