9th of June


It was one of the very best days I spent with Hope Theatre Nairobi:

I was very excited, because we performed at „Bühne im Hof“ in St.Pölten which is quite close to the place I grew up. At this stage I have already performed when I was a teenager! So this place was very special to me.

In the morning at 10 am we had a school performance. Many young people came to see us and the greatest was that my sister could also come to watch the show and some pupils of the „Lernwerkstatt im Wasserschloss“ which is a democratic school next to St.Pölten where I went as a child and also worked for two years before I moved to Stuttgart. It was great to see the teenagers again and to have them on stage too! They are used to be on stage – so every time we asked for people, the Lernwerkstatt kids came on stage 🙂

After the performance my sister took us: Eva, David, Nick and me with her car to my home sweet home where my parents waited with a delicious dessert and coffee.

My little nephews were also at my parent’s house and they loved Nick and David from the very first moment!

This was the beginning of a wonderful and fantastic afternoon: jumping on the  trampoline, playing football, jam session in the „Klangraum“ in the middle of the forest where my nephew’s kindergarten „Waldfexxx“ is placed and a lot of laughing and making jokes and just having fun.

We also went for a 2 hours walk to „Ruine Dürnstein“ which was super great and we walked through the romantic small streets of Dürnstein – the top touristic place in the Wachau!

After that we returned to my parent’s home and the ladies, Suzie, Mwajuma, Milli and Chiara came for dinner! My mother cooked a really tasty dinner – everybody liked it!

The meat was quite Kenyan taste, Milli said – so everything was fine 😉

But still: everybody was tired and exhausted from the whole tour and so the group went back to St.Pölten quite early.

I just booked my train back to Germany and then fell asleep immediately 🙂

What a happy day!!!

enjoy our sound here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4xfSnXozLo&feature=youtu.be

June 9 (1) June 9 (2) June 9 (3) June 9 (4)

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